Plans For Employers

Argus is always on hand to offer sound investment strategies and retirement planning.

Our Plans

We offer the broadest range of locally available investment options, with choices that support the individual goals of your employees. To that end, we have investment options that are integrated into all of our plans: Managed Funds, Guaranteed Accounts and a Self-Directed Approach.

Registered Pension Plans

Our registered pension plans comply with the most recent pension requirements stipulated by Bermudian legislation. These plans ensure your employees have a wide range of safeguarded investment options for retirement planning

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Non-Registered Pension Plans

Our non-registered pension plans offer flexibility for your non-Bermudian employees to help them secure their future. While non-registered pensions do not stipulate matching contributions, they have increased portability and withdrawal options

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401 (k) Plans

Our 401k Plan is designed for your employees from the United States who are interested in contributing to their pre-existing 401K. This plan offers access to the same investment options as the other pension plans

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Online Pension Tools

Use our financial planning calculators, which are designed to meet the distinct needs of residents of Bermuda, to help your employees  be prepared for their retirement.


Plan Your Retirement

Help employees achieve their retirement goals

Discover Your Investment Strategy

The Investment Strategy Questionnaire will guide your employees’ investment fund selection

Plan for Your Children’s Education

Determine how much to save for your children's education

Learn How to Build Wealth

See the effect of compounded returns when money is invested over the long-term


Argus is the pension specialist organisation with informative, personalised solutions for individuals looking for financial security following retirement. At Argus, we understand that when it comes to investment options, value and flexibility are just as important as performance.

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