Hamilton, Bermuda (November 30, 2015) – The Argus Group today announces that 200 Healthy Habits badges were earned through its wellness programme resulting in a $10,000 donation to Bermuda Mental Health Foundation (BMHF). The Argus Group committed to donating to charity for every Healthy Habit badge earned in its Get Up & Thrive. programme, an online wellness platform that offers individual tracking of personal goals and activities. Healthy Habits is Argus Health’s self-guided, interactive programme that supports habits for a healthy life.

BMHF is a registered, non-profit, all-volunteer organisation that for the past 21 years has assisted in the provision of communal housing for persons recovering from mental disorders. In addition, BMHF promotes public awareness of mental health challenges and issues in Bermuda, and is an advocate for the rights and well-being of persons with mental health challenges.

The Argus donation is being used to help BMHF advocate to the community about mental health disorders. BMHF recently completed an Island-wide school tour that focused on educating students about mental health, healthy coping skills and mental illness. The non-profit is preparing to launch another tour that caters to adults and teaching them how to reduce stress in the work place.

The donation also will help BMHF bring online additional housing for individuals in their target population. Currently BMHF owns and operates two properties that house 15 individuals and with the help of Argus’ donation, a third property owned by BMHF is being renovated to accommodate five additional residents.

BMHF provides residential housing for about one-third of people in Bermuda recovering from mental illness who are capable of living independently in shared communal residential quarters. The remaining two-thirds of this population live in residential accommodations provided by the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute.

Jodi Lewis, Board Director of Bermuda Mental Health Foundation, says: “We would like to thank Argus for their generous donation. In addition to our education efforts to break the stigma around mental health disorders, the donation will help provide additional housing for additional individuals in our target population who have a housing need. We are grateful for their donation and ongoing support as well as their interest in learning more about mental health disorders.”

Michelle Jackson, Executive Vice President, Group Insurance of the Argus Group, says: “This donation is of particular pride for Argus as not only are we helping to support BMHF, an organisation that does so much to advocate for mental wellness in the community, but it also is made on behalf of the 200 Healthy Habits badges that were earned in our Get Up & Thrive. programme. Participants worked hard to reach their goals and earn badges. Every individual effort led to this donation.

“Wellness encompasses more than physical health. It includes mental health and financial stability. At Argus, we try to support causes that share our goal to improve the overall wellness of our society.”

For more information about Bermuda Mental Health Foundation, visit or call 705-2816.