Quit Smoking with Thrive.

Ready to quit smoking? Your Argus Health benefits can help you tackle the addiction, habit and emotional dependence of smoking.

What is smoking cessation?

The realities of quitting can be tough because nicotine is a highly addictive substance that can cause physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. That’s why Argus now offers access to a treatment plan shown to be more effective in addressing nicotine addiction in the long term.

How does it work?


Argus provides coverage for the Pathways Bermuda Smoking Cessation Programme. Pre-approval is not required.


During the four-week programme, participants learn the skills to become and remain non-smokers through a series of small peer-support group sessions.


Pathways counselors work with you and your primary care provider to tackle the addiction, habit and emotional dependence of smoking, giving you access to nicotine replacement and additional services.


Following their successful graduation from the programme and confirmation of a successful six-month follow up CO2 test, members have the opportunity to recoup their co-pay as an incentive.


Frequently Asked Questions