Medical Weight Management

We can assist with the cost of approved weight loss management programmes for eligible members.

What is Medical Weight Management?

Obesity is a leading risk factor of chronic illnesses including Type II Diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

Medical weight management programmes help you lose weight safely and effectively, while providing a supportive environment for you to learn healthy habits and manage your existing weight-related health conditions.

You are eligible for this benefit if:


You are over the age of 18 years and an Argus Group Health Plan* policy holder or dependent.


You have a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater or equal to 30, or 27 with obesity-related conditions such as diabetes or hypertension.


You have been referred to an Argus-approved medical weight management programme** by your primary care physician.

*Signal and Individual Health Plan members are not eligible for this benefit.

**Argus-approved medical weight management programmes include Bermuda Wellness & Outreach Centre (Dr. Brent Williams & Dr. Elwood Fox), Ocean Rock Wellness (Dr. Ayesha Peets-Talbot), Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center (Dr. Kyjuan Brown & Dr. Paula Estwick), PFR Wellness/eFit (Dr. Heather Kettenis), Omni Medical (Dr. Benjamin Lau).

What services are covered by this benefit?


Office visits with the programme’s supervising physician.


Physician and non-physician led individual and group health education sessions, including group exercise.


Dietician services provided by a registered dietician or nutritionist with medical oversight.


Behavioral therapy and counselling as part of the medical weight management programme.

Services not covered include:

Lab tests (covered in Diagnostic Services benefit), food or food/vitamin supplements, educational materials, use of exercise equipment, individual exercise sessions or gym memberships, diagnostic or follow up testing not deemed to be medically necessary, including genomics; experimental or investigational treatments for weight reduction. This includes, but is not limited to, acupuncture or laser therapy for weight loss, body plethysmography, dual-energy x-ray body composition, gastric electrical stimulation, HCG or vitamin injections for weight loss, indirect calorimetry, whole body calorimetry and whole body bioimpedence analysis.

If you want to lose weight, contact your physician to discuss how the Argus Medical Weight Programme benefit can work for you.

Interested in Enrolling?

Contact your physician to discuss how this benefit can work for you.


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