Diabetes Rewind          Programme

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Covered in full for Argus insureds,* with no co-pay, the Diabetes Rewind Programme, designed to tackle type 2 diabetes, aids weight loss, reduces medications and costs, improves overall health, and holds the potential to achieve diabetes remission.

Working in partnership with an alliance of healthcare industry professionals — Island Health Services Limited, the Bermuda Diabetes Association and Oviva — we offer two very different approaches to rewind diabetes.

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The Bermuda Diabetes Association Programme (In-Person)

This face-to-face group programme, created in partnership with the Bermuda Diabetes Association, is a 6-week self-management approach – personalised to your goals and tailored to your lifestyle. This programme seeks to make long-term diet and behavioural changes and includes GP goal setting and routine medical check-ins.

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The Oviva Programme (Online)

Facilitated by a dietitian, this total diet replacement programme offers group and 1-to-1 coaching delivered via engaging live online sessions. Participants also have access to support tools and the Ovivia smartphone app to track weight, food, activity, mood, blood glucose and blood pressure to help you achieve your goals.

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* All Argus insureds are covered in full (no co-pay) except for participants in the Safeguard, Safeguard Plus and Essential plans