(Hamilton, Bermuda, October 10, 2016) – The Argus Group today announces the retirement of Alfreda Butler, Local Medical Claims Specialist, who worked at the company for 53 years.

Mrs. Butler joined Argus in 1963 as a messenger. Her ambition shined from her very first post, where she memorised everyone’s coffee order and positioned each drink on her tray in order of delivery. In her spare moments, she assisted her colleagues where ever the need was required, most often in the medical claims department. Mrs. Butler remembers processing claims manually and using a typewriter before email and computers existed. Since then, advances in technology have increased the efficiency of doing business and significantly increased the turnaround time for processing claims.

In 1991, she became the Claims Manager in the healthcare group. During the span of her career, she’s worked on both international and local claims at Argus.  

In her 53 years with the company, Mrs. Butler has seen it grow from 16 employees to a local team of over 150 people in addition to acquiring two international offices in Gibraltar and Malta. She credits the culture at the company and the closeness of the team for her longevity.

Alfreda Butler, says: “As I look back on my career at Argus, I am grateful for having the opportunity to work with a great group of colleagues, one that feels like family. I have many memories of weddings and births and have enjoyed seeing my colleagues’ children do so well. I have had the pleasure of interacting with doctors, nurses and our customers, and take great joy in knowing that we made a difference in people’s lives. I will especially miss my medical claims "girls".  I look forward to this next chapter in my life and to spending time with my first grandchild.”

Kellianne Smith, Head of Global Human Resources and Organisational Development at the Argus Group, says: “In today’s professional environment, it is rare to spend an entire career at one company. At Argus, we pride ourselves on our staff advocacy and retention policies that put first our employees’ career development, education and overall work satisfaction.  Alfreda joins a number of colleagues who have worked at Argus for decades.  Through our culture of teamwork and mutual support, we are able to build deep, lasting relationships with our clients and deliver seamless and tailored service that meets the unique needs of a diverse client base.  I thank her for 53 years of dedicated service to our clients and wish Alfreda a happy and prosperous retirement.”

Michelle Jackson, Executive Vice President, Group Insurance of the Argus Group, says: "Alfreda Butler has been a strong leader and role model at Argus for many years.  She embodies Argus’ values of excellence and putting the customer first and has been an inspiration for so many of her colleagues.  In her 53 years with the company, she has always been a team player, displaying excellence in all that she does.  I join the whole Argus team in wishing Alfreda a happy retirement, she will be missed by colleagues and clients alike. Congratulations to Alfreda on her many achievements in the field and her countless success helping our clients.”

Mrs. Butler has requested that in lieu of a gift, the Argus Group make a donation to Matilda Smith Williams Senior Residence.