Hamilton, Bermuda (October 31, 2016) – The Argus Group in partnership with SoftBank Team Japan today announces the launch of a S.T.E.M. programme at Sandys Middle School that will complement the school’s new S.T.E.M. curriculum. S.T.E.M. stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics and the new curriculum that Sandys Middle School introduced in September 2016 aims to teach the middle school students real-world applications of each of these disciplines.

In addition to a daily S.T.E.M. lesson, throughout the school year, SoftBank Team Japan experts across various specialties will host special classes at Sandys Middle School to educate students on their profession and how it relates to what the students are learning in school. For example, the team chef will teach a class on cooking and how it relates to science and mathematics; the SoftBank Team Japan personal trainer will host gym classes; team engineers and technicians will instruct students on science and engineering; electricians and technology experts will discuss technology and its role in sailing. Kicking off today, SoftBank Team Japan will host students at their base for a math class focused on ratios.

Kenneth Caesar, Principal, Sandys Middle School, says: “We are thrilled to expand our S.T.E.M. programme at Sandys Middle school and thank Argus and SoftBank Team Japan for their role in developing and executing this programme for our students.  Jobs in S.T.E.M.-related fields are growing exponentially and, as educators, it is our job to prepare our young people for the workforce. We find that students learn best from hands-on lessons and are grateful to Argus and SoftBank Team Japan for bringing this wonderful interactive programme to our school.”

As part of the programme, students who excel in their lessons will be rewarded with rides on the SoftBank Team Japan support boat, alongside team sailors.

Dean Barker, Skipper and Chief Executive Officer, SoftBank Team Japan, says: “We’re really thankful that Argus has spearheaded such a great and educational programme.  We’re definitely looking forward to meeting with Sandys Middle School students, getting to know them and teaching them about what we do every day and also how it applies to the various subjects that they are learning about.  We moved here over a year ago with our families and it’s important for us that we get to know the community here and give back in any way we can. Argus has been a wonderful partner as we develop relationships locally and make Bermuda our new home.”

Alison Hill, Chief Executive Officer of the Argus Group, says: “As we continue to work together with SoftBank Team Japan in our capacity as their Official Healthcare Partner, we have come to appreciate that we share many of the same core values, including our commitment to affecting positive and lasting change to improve the lives of the residents in our community. One way in which we do this is through outreach to Bermuda’s youth, like this S.T.E.M. programme. It is our hope that having the opportunity to meet and learn directly from the team’s experts will inspire passion in the students that will last a lifetime. We are grateful to SoftBank Team Japan for their genuine commitment to leave a strong and lasting legacy in our community long after the America’s Cup event next year.”

The Argus Group is the worldwide Official Healthcare Partner of SoftBank Team Japan leading up to and during the 35th America’s Cup.  As the Official Healthcare Partner of SoftBank Team Japan, Argus supports the team through healthcare coverage, access to its top-of-the-line healthcare resources and as a local team partner in Bermuda.