Hamilton, Bermuda, (February 5, 2018) – The Argus Group today announces a donation of $15,000 to Family Centre which helps to fund its Zone Based Counselling programme.

As part of Family Centre’s Counselling Services, the Zone Based Counselling programme aims to help families build better coping skills that will help sustain stability, break negative cycles of neglect, abuse and emotional issues and contribute to a healthier Bermuda community. 

The Zone Based Counselling is offered to families who live near or within the Youth Development Zone, which is primarily in the North-East Hamilton Area. In 2017, 45 families were provided with intensive Family Centre Zone Based Counselling Services. Upon completion of counselling, 100% of surveyed parents reported that they are better able to manage their child’s behaviour, better able to positively function as a parent and have an improved ability to manage family issues.

Martha Dismont, Executive Director at Family Centre, says: “We would like to thank Argus for this generous donation, which allows us to offer the Zone Based Counselling programme to families in need. Through the counselling, Family Centre staff members can give the families the support they need, as well as empower the parents in an environment where they can have better control over their children and difficult family situations.”

Alison Hill, Chief Executive Officer of the Argus Group, says: “We are proud to partner with Family Centre once again to support the children of high-risk families. Family Centre plays a vital role in helping Bermuda’s families to positively function in and out of the home setting. We believe this will ultimately help to shape a brighter future for the children and for our community.”

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