Hamilton, Bermuda (November 8, 2021) – Argus Group Holdings Limited (“the Group”; “the Company”; “the Argus Group”) today announced that it will be partnering with The Phoenix Stores, to provide rapid, at-home COVID-19 Antigen test kits to Argus-insured members at a discounted rate.

Argus has purchased 10,000 Healgen® lateral flow test kits to be distributed between the island’s Phoenix Stores pharmacies. They will be sold to Argus insureds for $2, a significant discount from the $5-$10 standard retail price. Every $2 collected will be donated to Bermuda charities to support the ongoing testing needs of Bermuda’s Third Sector workers, volunteers, and the people they keep safe.

Peter Lozier, Chief Executive, Argus Americas, said: “At a time when health and safety determines our every move, we are proud to partner with The Phoenix Stores to provide access to quality, safe and reliable kits at an affordable price point.

"Easy, accessible testing is key to containing the spread of the virus, and we want to make the process as seamless as possible for our community while providing greater access to antigen tests throughout the Third Sector. This partnership gives our members a chance to not only support their families with regular testing, but also gives them the opportunity to enable the ongoing testing needs of local charities.”

Demand for screening antigen tests has soared since workplaces and schools have reopened. These rapid tests have a two-year shelf life and are a valuable, less-costly screening tool compared to the PCR test in giving a preliminary diagnosis of COVID-19 cases. However, individuals should still opt for a PCR test if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, or have received a positive antigen test result and need a confirmation of their diagnosis.

Argus members (primary or dependent, 18 years or older) must show their Argus Health Insurance (physical or digital) card when purchasing the Healgen® Lateral Flow Devices to receive the discount. There is a purchase limit of five kits per person, per day, while supplies last. Argus added that anyone with questions about COVID-19 and self-testing should speak to the pharmacist at collection.

"Customers appreciate the convenience of taking the test from their own home,” said George Grundmuller, President & CEO, The Phoenix Stores Ltd. “The innovative test is easy to use, comfortable, and results are provided in up to 15 minutes. Patients are just a phone call away from our pharmacy’s guidance and care. The at-home model can also help ease the burden on our strained healthcare system and the partnership with Argus has helped make that possible.”