Argus Continues to Support Open Airways Spacer Programme

Hamilton, Bermuda (December 8, 2022) – Today, the Argus Group announced that it will support the Open Airways’ Spacer Programme with a donation of $8,360. This is the fourth year Argus has supported the charity’s pledge to distribute at least 1,000 spacers, which cost between $12.50 and $21.50 each, throughout the local community.

While inhalers are doctor prescribed, using a spacer alongside the device helps the inhaled medication to work more effectively and efficiently with fewer side-effects.

Holly Lavigne-Smith, Open Airways’ Nurse Educator, said, “Our Spacer Programme is one of our most important programmes in helping those with asthma or COPD, live healthy and satisfying lives. Without a spacer, inhaler medication primarily hits the back of the throat, where it is blocked from fully reaching the airways where it is most effective. Using a spacer helps the medication to reach the places where it is most needed.”

To assist with these efforts, Open Airways will deliver free spacers and offer spacer technique demos to those receiving the device. The charity began with the mission to improve the health and well-being of over 8,000 people in Bermuda whose lives are affected by asthma and other long-term breathing difficulties. Statistics show that approximately one in five schoolchildren in Bermuda has asthma, and without proper treatment may miss school or find themselves unable to participate in other enriching activities, such as sports. Of those pupils, 31 per cent were either incorrectly using their spacer or did not have a spacer at all.

Mary Ellen Ewles, Director of Operations, Open Airways, added, “We would like to thank Argus for partnering with us to help Bermuda breathe, as well as an anonymous donor who annually has given a like contribution to our Spacer Programme.”

Peter Lozier, Chief Executive, Argus Americas, said, “Open Airways is addressing a critical need in Bermuda, helping those who struggle with asthma or COPD to get the most out of their medication. No one should have to worry about falling behind at school, missing out on activities, or losing vital income. We are delighted to be able to support a programme that creates equal opportunities for those impacted, while providing an important example of how even small actions can have great impact.”