Hamilton, Bermuda – 26 October 2022 – The Argus Group today released its inaugural Sustainability Report which features its future sustainability goals and its environmental, social and governance (ESG) key achievements over the past year.

The report highlights Argus’ impressive sustainability journey and that the focus and commitments made in the Sustainability report are very natural and authentic to Argus. Sustainability principles have been woven into the very fabric of the business for over 72 years as it provides healthcare, insurance, and employee benefits to connected communities.

While sustainability values have always been at its very heart, in 2021 the Group recognised the need to provide greater transparency on its active commitment to sustainability, ensuring all key stakeholders are positively impacted by the Group’s business activities, now and in the future. A Sustainability Management Committee (SMC) was established by the Board of Directors to oversee and fulfil Argus’ sustainability work. In keeping with their guiding principle, Our Interest is You, the Group has taken a people-centric approach, gathering input from colleagues to develop a core set of sustainability principles and a solid governance framework that will span all areas of the organisation.

The Six Sustainability Principles included in the report comprise:


  • Our People
  • Our Customers and Patients
  • Our Communities
  • Our Shareholders
  • Our Environment
  • Trusted and Responsible Business


Alison Hill, CEO, the Argus Group, said, “Businesses are being held to a much higher standard and being a profitable, well-run business with a strong balance sheet is no longer sufficient. Never has the importance of being an environmentally and socially responsible, purpose-led, sustainable business been so essential. At Argus, we have always encouraged our colleagues to use their moral compass when making business decisions, so our Sustainability Strategy is flexible enough to respond to the emerging environmental and social issues that lie ahead. We know there is much still to do and with the support of our Global Argus Family, I am confident we will rise to the challenges ahead.”

Kimberley Caines-Best, SMC Chair and Senior Legal Counsel, said, “Today, sustainable business models are no longer optional, but are required for long-term survival. There is a growing demand for greater transparency and accountability and sustainability reporting allows us to reaffirm our purpose, mission and values, to measure our performance, and set goals and develop strategies that will effect change. Through responsible management and the embedding of social, economic and environmental considerations into our strategy, we can marry our approach to sustainability with our corporate strategy and achieve beneficial outcomes for our people, our customers, our communities and our shareholders.”

Simon Giffen, Executive Sponsor of the Sustainability Group and Argus’ Chief Investment and Governance Officer, said, “We are already working hard towards achieving our sustainability goals for next year, as we strive to manage our business in a socially, well governed, and environmentally responsible way. We began this journey by asking ourselves how we can create lasting value and impact for all our stakeholders. In pursuing goals that align with Argus’ values, we are committed to meeting this ongoing challenge and look forward to sharing our progress in the years to come.”

To review the report and learn more about Argus’s sustainability reporting, please visit: or email