Hamilton, Bermuda (March 7, 2023) – In recognition of Black History Month, the Argus Group hosted a series of employee events throughout February, to raise awareness on issues of race, inclusion and belonging; highlighting the contributions of the island’s Black community and creating a platform for the Black experience to be heard. Organised by the Argus Group’s anti-racism and bias committee, colleagues were encouraged to get involved by attending events, training and connecting with team members.

Black-owned businesses, artists and vendors were hired to fully execute the sessions, from caterers to historians to DJ’s, with each session designed to support and educate the Argus community with expert knowledge on finance, history, and social justice.

The events included:

  • Freedom Tour in the City of Hamilton with Titan Express
  • Generational Wealth presentations by Angela Joell, Argus’ Education & Investment Manager
  • “Beyond Seascapes: Black Art in Bermuda”, a presentation by Unchained on the Rock

Alison Hill, CEO, the Argus Group, said: “Our commitment to advancing racial diversity and equity goes beyond February and beyond Argus. This powerful Black History Month series was a tangible demonstration of our priorities as an organisation – to eliminate racial disparities, identify bias and privilege, and promote togetherness in the workplace. By partnering with educators, artists, and businesses we seek to foster awareness and inclusion, bringing together our colleagues with our community.”

Tour guides Rashida and Winston Godwin hosted a guided tour through Hamilton, diving into the historical significance of the city’s landmarks, the naming of the City of Hamilton, the execution of Sarah “Sally” Bassett, the Enterprise landing at Barr’s Bay Park and the 1959 Theatre Boycott.

Angela Joell presented, in partnership with the Association for Corporate Racial Equity (ACRE), a workshop on Building Generational Wealth: Generational Wealth and the Racial Disparity. She explored wealth inequality as it pertains to the unequal distribution of financial assets, discriminatory and prohibitive practices in Bermuda’s history from Emancipation through to the Education Act of 1971, which made it illegal for schools to base admission on race. Ms. Joell’s presentation also covered the fundamental pillars of financial education, including what is required to build wealth.

Unchained on the Rock presented “Beyond Seascapes: Black Art in Bermuda” at the Bermuda Society of the Arts to accompany the gallery’s exhibition "Bredrin", featuring several of the island’s prominent black artists. Liana Nanang and Ajala Omodele chronicled the history of Black art in Bermuda and explored the origins of Black art in pre-colonial Africa.

Phil Davis, Head of Marketing & Digital Engagement and Chair of the Argus anti-racism and bias committee, added: “The response has been amazing, I want to wholeheartedly thank everyone involved. As Chair, I have an opportunity to play an active part in helping to build a racially inclusive and equitable society. Through the support of the Argus Board, the CEO, the Leadership team, and a trusted, diverse group of passionate colleagues, I feel privileged to help drive change that meaningfully impacts our workplace culture and community in a positive way.  Argus is on a journey, pursuing goals that align with our values, and challenging the status quo. This last month has been eye-opening; I see real and tangible commitment to address this ongoing challenge and look forward to sharing our progress in the years to come.”