Hamilton, Bermuda (July 13, 2023) - The Argus Group has released its second annual Sustainability Report focusing on a new vision, mission and brand purpose that will drive all actions and decisions – to be “a powerful force for sustainable wellbeing”. While last year’s inaugural report provided a framework for the Group’s future ambitions, the 2023 report shows meaningful progress made over the last year, including a roadmap that will ensure material climate change considerations are embedded in the entire business, and anti-racism initiatives steered by the Belong BLAC (Black Leaders and Allies for Change) Committee to challenge bias and foster change.

Under the leadership of Alison Hill, Group CEO, the organisation has undertaken significant measures to build scale, foster stakeholder engagement, and continue to align initiatives with its corporate strategy. The introduction of the Voice of the Employee and Voice of the Customer programmes has strengthened Argus' ability to listen and engage with colleagues and clients, ensuring their needs are met effectively. Moreover, Argus has intensified its shareholder engagement programme, to better understand their needs and deliver greater value to them.

Simon Giffen, Executive Sponsor of Sustainability at Argus and Chief Investment and Governance Officer, said: “In recognising the need for sustainable practices amidst the challenges posed by climate change and social inequity, we aim to reduce negative environmental impacts, while making positive change in the communities we serve.”

Kimberley D. Caines-Best, Sustainability Management Committee Chair and Senior Legal Counsel, added: “Our ability to deliver value to our various stakeholders depends on the long-term sustainability of our business. We achieve this long-term sustainability by listening, learning, and engaging with our shareholders, customers, colleagues, and communities”.

Progress made over the last year includes:

  • Approximately $370,000 in charity contributions
  • $142,000 invested in employee talent development
  • Over 220 hours of employee coaching, leadership and educational sessions
  • 15 hours of diversity training and education
  • More than $30,000 in scholarship funding
  • Hosting a free, community running club to promote health and fitness
  • Implementation of the Voice of the Customer programme – a key part of Argus’ global customer experience strategy
  • Establishing a carbon footprint methodology to capture Argus’ baseline greenhouse gas emissions, while creating a roadmap to integrate material climate change considerations into our risk management framework

Alison Hill, CEO, The Argus Group, said: "Sustainability will always be a work in progress. Our strategy must be flexible enough to respond to emerging environmental and social issues, changing customer preferences, and evolving employee expectations. We know there is much still to do, and with the support of our Argus colleagues and shareholders, I am confident we can meet the challenge.”

To access the 2023 Sustainability Report and learn more about the Argus Group's commitment to sustainability, please visit or email