Hamilton, Bermuda (January 16, 2024) – The Argus Group champions Open Airways for the fifth consecutive year, donating $11,500 to sustain the impactful Spacer Programme and their goal to distribute over 1,000 spacers annually.

Totalling $42,360 over five years, Argus’s contributions have been pivotal to the success of this health initiative.

This donation extends beyond the provision of spacers; it also encompasses the vital one-on-one consultations provided by Open Airways, during which patients receive instruction and assessment on the correct use of spacers to ensure effective delivery of the medication.

This Open Airways initiative has seen remarkable growth and success, notably in the execution of these comprehensive in-home consultations for asthma patients. Last year marked a 100 per cent increase in these personal consultations, with the organisation's dedicated nurses conducting nearly 500 sessions. Many of these consultations were carried out in patients' homes, a strategy that is critical for identifying potential asthma triggers in the patient's environment.

The increase in spacer distribution can also be attributed to the Student Asthma Registry's implementation, a collaborative effort between Open Airways, the Department of Health, the Ministry of Education, and the BHB Asthma Education Centre. Now in its third year, the Registry's goal is comprehensive inclusion, ensuring targeted support for students who are most in need of assistance.

Mary Ellen Ewles, Director of Operations at Open Airways, said: “Thanks to the unwavering support from The Argus Group and our anonymous donor, we continue to distribute spacers free-of-charge to anyone in need. We distribute close to 1,000 spacers each year, including spacers with masks for children aged four and under. By using a spacer with inhaled treatments, the medication can reach the airways more efficiently and effectively – studies show that drug delivery to the lungs can be improved by up to 70 per cent – significantly enhancing the quality of life for those affected by asthma in our community.”

Peter Lozier, Chief Executive, Argus Americas, added: “The remarkable outcomes of this initiative resonate with our core values, and we are proud to be part of a movement that not only improves health outcomes but also promotes equal opportunities for those impacted by respiratory conditions. Our support is not just a financial contribution; it represents a deep commitment to the health and prosperity of Bermuda's residents. We invite the community to join in their mission of Helping Bermuda Breathe and celebrate the ongoing success of this vital programme.”

For more information on the Spacer Programme or to learn how you can contribute, please contact Open Airways at (441) 536-6060.