Ignite Stories x Argus: Honest Greens Bermuda

Argus is proud to partner with Ignite Participant – Kumi Bradshaw of Honest Greens Bermuda, to offer our clients healthy, locally grown, organic produce at a discount.


Honest Greens Bermuda - is a supplier of nutritious, organic, hydroponic greens, with a weekly delivery service that utilises sustainable packaging.

At Argus, we pride ourselves on prioritising the health and wellbeing of our clients in all aspects of life. That includes the promotion of healthy eating and good food.

We’re excited to offer Argus Health Members a 20% discount on an Honest Greens Bermuda subscription and a chance to enter our raffle to win one of five monthly subscriptions, valued at $85 each. Learn more about Honest Greens Bermuda and the promotions below.


Kumi's Ignite Story 

Kumi Bradshaw is the co-founder of Honest Greens Bermuda and a past Ignite participant. Ignite is an Argus-sponsored programme centered around accelerating entrepreneurial growth, fostering innovation and community partnership. “Ignite has provided me with the opportunity to connect with and develop relationships with entrepreneurs and other local businesses who are looking to add value to Bermuda,” Kumi notes. Dedication to nutrition and the environment is the foundation on which the business was built.

Kumi is excited about the positive impact the business can make after participating in the Ignite programme. “The Ignite experience has helped guide my thought process around growing and scaling the business. The tools Ignite participants are handed spark innovation, planning and push entrepreneurs towards their goals. The relationships are invaluable.” He adds that Ignite has assisted in spreading awareness about the company goals and services in the community. Kumi is hopeful that it will encourage people to understand that good nutrition is key to improved long-term health and quality of life.


Why Honest Greens Bermuda?

We know that preventative care and good nutrition are key to wellness. Adding vegetables to a diet can have significant positive impacts on a person’s health, like reducing certain types of cancers and reducing the risk of heart disease. The Government of Bermuda recommends around five servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

For Honest Greens Bermuda, the priority lies in the public understanding of nutrition and the long-term health effects of poor nutritional habits. The solution? Eat more fresh greens. “Our produce is delivered fresh to your door within 24 hours of harvest,” he says.

Food security is another important issue Honest Greens Bermuda is addressing with their produce. Importing salad greens with reduced nutrient density, coupled with the jump in food miles required to get them to Bermuda has both financial and environmental costs to individuals and our community as a whole. Honest Greens Bermuda provides cleaner, safer options that are local and organic. As an added bonus, packaging goes back with the driver, creating a greener business plan with minimal waste.

The shared understanding of the benefits of eating healthy fresh, locally grown, organic produce is what drove the partnership between Argus and Honest Greens Bermuda.


For quality, freshness and ease of access - try Honest Greens Bermuda 

Are you ready to add nutritious, fresh, greens to your diet? All Argus Health Plan Members are eligible for a 20% discount on your first 4 weeks of a Mini Trial subscription. Follow the steps below to order yours today!

1. Visit the Honest Green website honestgreensbermuda.com and click “Get Started”
2. Select the order size as “Mini”
3. Select duration as “Trial” for a 4-week subscription
4. Click “Order Now”
5. On the Checkout page under “Have a Coupon?”, input the coupon code ARGUSPROMO
6. Complete the remaining details and submit your order by clicking “Sign up now”
7. You will receive a confirmation email and your subscription will be delivered weekly on Wednesdays

For additional details, please refer to the Honest Greens user guide.

As an added bonus all Argus Members who register for Vantage or our Electronic Funds Transfer Service from July 1 – September 30, 2022 will be automatically entered into a raffle to win one of five Honest Greens Bermuda subscriptions, valued at $85 each!


Interested in joining Ignite? 

The Ignite Bermuda programme, sponsored by The Argus Group, is a proven model to help you and your business or organisation accelerate. If you are interested in joining the programme, learn more here.

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