Meet Angela, Argus Education and Investment Manager

Angela J Joell is an Education and Investment Manager in Life and Pensions at Argus. However, she still finds the time and drive to help small business owners in Bermuda make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality. 


“While mentoring small business owners is not my primary role, it is my passion to advocate for financial wellbeing in any group at any time. One of the reasons I like working for Argus is because they allow me to speak to charities and to work with groups of people on financial wellbeing”. 

And her work in the community has not only helped countless people reach their small business goals but she truly loves what she does. “I would do it for free, I love this so much. It’s as fulfilling to me to assist people as it is for them to receive. I’ve worked in the financial industry my whole career, primarily in banking, and I’ve just always had the heart and the interest to help people understand their financial wellbeing. It’s just as important as their physical wellbeing. I’m privileged to be able to do my part to help others.”

Angela’s crusade to help people achieve their financial wellbeing begins with 3 pieces of advice for those thinking of starting their own small business. “Firstly, understand that time is money. When you’re an entrepreneur, you have to understand that what you focus your time on is how you’re going to get paid and for your business to be successful you have to be able to manage your time”. She continues. “The second thing I would say is always prepare for the worst and plan for the best. Make sure you have an emergency back-up plan or an emergency fund. Look into things like appropriate insurance, liability protections, and incorporations”. And her third tip? “make sure you are tracking your spending - Know your cash flow, what’s coming in, and understand your fixed costs and keep them as low as possible for what’s going out, particularly in the early stages”.

And her advice does not end there. Angela fully supports Ignite, a business accelerator programme that helps entrepreneurs grow their small business and sees it as a unique opportunity. She knows that having a support system and building and growing your network is key. “The networking piece [in the Ignite programme] is invaluable. It’s resourcing people to get the best possible start and it’s levelling the playing field a little bit to allow people to have the opportunity to succeed in entrepreneurship in Bermuda”. 

There is no better day than today to chase your business dreams. Learn more about how Ignite is making a difference to Bermuda.

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