Meet Ignite success story, Christina

Christina Sgobba is the founder and owner of Lemoncello, a Bermuda-based design studio that specialises in creating bespoke graphics with local artists for small businesses and individuals. 


“Lemoncello focuses on branding, event suites, and creative solutions for various design needs”, Sgobba says. “What we do is take clients’ visions and make them come to life.” 

And what was her reason for taking the entrepreneurial plunge and going all in on this idea? “I started the business simply for the fact that I was getting approached and I realized there were very few options in Bermuda. You’ve got great agencies and a couple freelance designers here and there, but you don’t really have a studio that exists that can take all different kinds of projects and assess them and find solutions.”

So, with this great idea, Christina was looking for a champion. Someone or something to help make her dream a reality. That is when she learned about Ignite.  “Ignite has literally been a hand-holding experience for me from the day I opened this business to today. I feel like I’ve had the best gift ever.” 

But the Ignite programme is not just helping her maintain her success. They are helping her grow it. “I’m excited about launching the product line in November. The plan is to get things out by Christmas and the cool thing is, I have a brain bank full of ideas that I’m going to be trickling down over the next two years, so I’m so excited that Ignite and this business are providing me a platform to allow all my creative ideas to come to life.” 

Christina’s Lemoncello is just one example of how a great idea, with a little help, can become a thriving success. And when asked about the Ignite programme’s lasting legacy with her, Christina had this to say. “I made a promise back to the universe I’d give everything I have. It gives me the same, so it has to be a fair trade. I’ve made that promise to myself and to Ignite.”

There is no better day than today to chase your business dreams. Learn more about how Ignite is making a difference to Bermuda.

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