Long Term Disability

Our Long Term Disability Insurance provides income protection for recipients who become totally disabled

We believe that an employee’s return to a productive lifestyle, where possible, benefits the employer, the employee and the community as a whole. 

Integrated Approach

Long Term Disability Insurance benefits protect recipients from the impact of long-term inflation by indexing their pre-disability income as well as providing an optional Cost of Living Adjustment benefit. Further protection is available through the optional Contribution to the Pension Plan benefit, which continues payments into the pension plan on their behalf.

Return to Work

Depending on the type of disability and the rehabilitation required, recipient’s rehabilitation expenses may be covered through our Partial Disability and Rehabilitation benefits. Should a recipient die after receiving a minimum of six monthly Long Term Disability Insurance benefit payments, a benefit will be paid to surviving family members.

Help Navigating Coverage

Our representatives have the expertise to help Disability benefit recipients conveniently navigate multiple insurance coverages and obligations.

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A Range of Coverage to Meet Your Needs

With Argus Long Term Disability, you have the flexibility to meet the goals of your business.

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At Argus, our experience makes the difference. Since 1950 Bermuda has relied on us for property and casualty insurance.

Survivor Benefits

Survivor Benefits

Argus offers coverage during difficult times with a 3 month survivor’s benefit that is payable to the spouse or children of a recently deceased employee

Partial Disability and Rehabilitation

Partial Disability and Rehabilitation

Benefits are also payable for partial disability as well as rehabilitation programmes

Wage replacement

Wage replacement

Disability coverage provides wage replacement benefits for employees who are unable to work due to disability.

Optional Cost of Living Increases

Optional Cost of Living Increases

Guard against long-term inflation with an option that includes annual benefit level adjustments that are based on the Bermuda Consumer Price Index.

*These ranges reflect the majority of plans we design. Additional ranges may be accommodated.