Get the Hurricane Facts

This hurricane season will be unlike any other, don't let your unanswered questions prevent you from being prepared.



Should I unplug my appliances?


Appliances and electrical devices should be unplugged before the onset of a storm to prevent 
damage to appliances from power surges. The use of surge protectors is also highly recommended. 


Should I have my roof checked before hurricane season?


It’s important to have your roof checked to ensure that it is safe and ready to brave any storms. After a storm has passed, inspect your roof for any cracks or damages. 


Should I crack open the lee side window to balance indoor pressure?


There is no scientific evidence to substantiate this practice. In fact, the National Weather Service advises installing permanent storm shutters, which offer the best protection for windows. Alternatively, they recommend boarding up windows to protect them from high winds and flying debris.  


Will my furniture and other belongings be covered by my landlord’s home insurance policy?


Your landlord’s insurance policy will likely cover the building structure, fittings and fixtures (e.g., walls, floor ceilings and cabinetry). However, your furniture is your personal property and, as such, you will need a home contents policy to ensure that your furniture and other personal possessions are insured. 


If I make a claim, will my home contents insurance premium increase?


Home insurance rates are calculated based on external factors such as market rate fluctuations. It is not calculated in the same manner as a motor policy, where a “No Claims Discount” (NCD) might be applicable. 

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I’ll be travelling during hurricane season. Is it ok to take out a travel policy on the day of travel?


Although there is no specific time limit for taking out travel insurance on a per trip basis, it is recommended that you not leave buying cover too late as Argus typically stop accepting new business when a hurricane is imminent. Travel insurance can also be obtained as an annual policy for all your travel throughout the year.

Get covered this hurricane season



I have comprehensive insurance for my boat; can I leave it in the water during a hurricane?

As a boat owner, you must ensure that your mooring certificate is up-to-date and has been approved by your insurance company for storm cover. If your mooring is not storm approved, the schedule of your policy will include any imposed restrictions. 

Taking your boat out of the water may be a requirement of your policy if the mooring is not storm approved. In general, it is a good way to help reduce major damage to your vessel. 


If I take my boat out of the water before a hurricane, will I get a refund?

You must always take reasonable precautions to prevent damage to your property, however there is no refund available for doing so. Nevertheless, boats that have been out of the water for several months are eligible for a reduction in premium. 

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My car insurance is up to date; am I covered for damage incurred during a hurricane?

A comprehensive policy provides coverage for damage to your vehicle including damage sustained because of a hurricane and any applicable deductible. 

Third party coverage does not provide coverage for damage to your vehicle, including hurricane damage. 

Due to a history of flooding, storm damage to cars is not covered when they are parked in the airport parking lots after notification of a named storm and within 72 hours prior to the storm affecting Bermuda. 


To protect my bike, do I need to bring it inside during a hurricane?

Again, you must take reasonable precautions to prevent damage to your property at any time. Prior to a hurricane, we recommend moving your bike to the garage or to an area outside your home that provides protection from the elements.

A comprehensive policy will cover your bike for hurricane damage less any applicable deductible.

Warning: We do not recommend bringing any item with a gasoline tank (e.g. a motor bike or generator) inside your home.

Get covered this hurricane season

The above advice has been compiled from our experience of previous storms and has proved helpful in the past. However, every storm is different and every resident faces different issues. If any damage is suffered during a severe storm, even after following this advice, Argus is only responsible to the extent provided in any policy issued to the injured party. Likewise, if there was advice that could have been included in this advisory and was not, Argus is only responsible for any damage incurred due to a severe storm to the extent provided in any policy issued to the injured party. Under no circumstances does Argus accept any liability of any kind suffered by any person who may rely upon this advice but who does not hold a policy of insurance issued by Argus in respect of windstorm perils.