Pension & Retirement for Individuals

Our versatile investment options are designed to help you achieve your income goals while benefiting from flexible payment options at retirement.

Investment Options

Contributions are invested in a range of Argus Select Funds based on your risk profile and performance objectives. You can also select from our range of self-directed funds. Change funds at any time.

Retirement Benefits

The normal benefit is a life income, commencing at age 65 or as early as age 55. A life annuity can be purchased, alternatively, you can make regular withdrawals from your account.


Contributions to the plan can include transfer from a former employer’s plan, regular monthly payments or lump sum deposits. The plan accommodates both locked-in and non-locked-in amounts.

Death Prior to Retirement & Withdrawals

The value of your account may be paid to a beneficiary, if required, upon premature death. Beneficiaries may be appointed and/or changed at any time, subject to any legal requirements.

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Investment Options

Our plans have access to the same great funds which insure you have the right approach to reach your financial goals.

  • Guaranteed Account

  • Conservative

  • Balanced

  • Moderate

  • Growth

  • Aggressive

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Why Choose Argus for Your Pension?

At Argus, we, together with AFL, provide our investors with the benefits of our world-class investment expertise. We are dedicated to building and protecting your investments.



Expert Advice & Service

With the benefit of our expertise, your employees can be on the road to financial security

Online Pensions Tools

Our expanded set of online financial tools gives employees the information they need to make the best investment

Transparent Fee Structure

Our fees are all-inclusive. There are never any hidden fees, additional advisory fees or termination fees

Pensions Portal

With 24/7 access to balances and contributions, your employees will be able to keep their pension savings on track