Workers' Compensation

The Argus Group helps businesses secure Workers’ Compensation Insurance—including Employer’s Liability—that is both appropriate and affordable. 


Liability Protection

Our policies will cover you against your statutory liabilities if your employees suffer a work-related accident.

Wage Replacement

With Argus, you can be secure knowing that you are providing predefined compensation for any loss of earnings your employees may experience due to a work-related injury or illness.

Coverage for Medical Expenses

Let us help you help your employees with their medical expenses that mirror the legislated benefits and which are incurred as a direct result of a work-related accident or illness.

Compensation for Job-related Disease or Fatal Injury

If an employee should die as the direct result of an injury or illness sustained due to a workplace accident, the policy will pay a pre-determined benefit.

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We Offer a Wide Range* of Coverage

With Argus, you can choose from three wage replacement coverages to meet the needs of your business. 

$170 per week

50% Employees Salary

75% Employees Salary

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Frequently Asked Questions

All employees, aged 16 or above, of the Employer as defined by the Employment Act of 2000 and subsequent amendments, who are Bermuda residents and work for the Employer in connection with the Employer’s Business.

Eligible classes of employees can include:

  • Part-time employees working less than 15 hours per week for the Employer,
  • Temporary employees working less than three months per year for the Employer,
  • Students working for the Employer on weekends, public holidays and /or vacation periods.

Please note eligible classes of employees can vary from plan to plan. 

Workers' Compensation loss of income benefits can be based on the current legislated benefit of $170.00 per week or a percentage of salary. The group underwriter requires individual salary information for each employee who is insured for Workers' Compensation.

There are five components paid under our Workers' Compensation Plans. These components are (1) death benefit, (2) permanent total incapacity, (3) wage loss replacement, (4) medical expenses and (5) employers’ liability.

Workers' Compensation is a wage loss replacement benefit for expenses arising out of an accident or illness that occurs while working for an employer. In other words, job-related injuries and illnesses.

Bermuda has legislated benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act (1965) together with subsequent amendments that hold employers liable to compensate their employees for loss of income and medical expenses. However, for most industries, insurance is not mandatory and the employer can choose either to self-insure against such expenses or purchase a workers’ compensation policy from an insurer.

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*The wage replacement benefits above reflect our standard Workers' Compensation (WC) plan designs.