Hamilton, Bermuda (March 11, 2015) – The Argus Group today announces its support of the School Lunch Challenge, a programme available to every primary and middle school in Bermuda with the goal of encouraging healthy eating habits. The School Lunch Challenge is being launched by Healthy Schools, an initiative developed by the Department of Health and the Ministry of Education in partnership with private and public schools. Healthy Schools and the School Lunch Challenge are also a part of the Well Bermuda Healthy Weight Action Plan, which includes the promotion of healthy eating as one of the goals for both children and adults.

As part of the programme, students will learn basic nutrition and portion control outlined in the EatWell Plate guidelines and will be challenged to bring in a healthy lunch and describe its nutritional value. Teachers will judge their students’ lunches and submit photos of three winning entries to the Department of Health by April 17. Once the final winners have been selected, the Department of Health will award plaques to them. In addition, their respective schools will receive a prize sponsored by Argus.

Mellonie Furbert, Public Health Nutritionist, Nutrition Services, Department of Health, says: “We are grateful to Argus for their sponsorship of this initiative. Their support of the School Lunch Challenge will directly benefit Bermuda’s students. We look forward to seeing the creative lunches that the students develop.”

Alison Hill, Chief Executive Officer of the Argus Group, says: “Throughout the recently launched Thrive programme, Argus is committed to creating a healthier Bermuda. We are delighted to support the School Lunch Challenge, which will educate Bermuda’s youth on how to make healthy food choices. The habits we develop as children follow us into adulthood. It is never too early to take nutrition seriously and create healthy eating habits.”

Teachers can register their classrooms for the School Lunch Challenge from today until April 6 by submitting the school name, contact person and classroom age level to or by fax at 292-7627. Once registered, teachers will receive guidelines from the Department of Health to assist them in teaching their students about healthy eating. The first 25 teachers of each school who register will receive a visual aid, which shows the appropriate portion sizes and daily dietary guidelines.

For more information about the Argus Thrive programme, visit the Argus website at For the Department of Health’s eating guidelines, visit