Hamilton, Bermuda (August 2, 2016) – The Argus Group today announces a donation of $5,000 to the Bermuda Heart Foundation and $5,000 to the Bermuda Mental Health Foundation. Argus pledged to donate money on behalf of every person that participated in its month-long Argus Cup Match Pre-Game Face Off, a fun set of games and drills to promote Cup Match team spirit. Argus' donation is a result of 726 participants that came out to join the company in its community challenges.

Bermuda Heart Foundation is a charity that advocates for better heart health and seeks to decrease the number of heart-related deaths on the Island.  Bermuda Mental Health Foundation was founded in 1994 and promotes the preservation of mental health services in Bermuda and provides resources that assist in relieving and rehabilitating persons suffering from mental disorders.

Lauren Bell, Executive Vice President, Life & Pensions at Argus, says: "The Argus Cup Match Pre-Game Face Off represents everything that Argus is about. It encouraged people to get active in the community, helped to get people in the Cup Match spirit and supported two important charities. Cup Match is a great time to reflect on those organisations that do so much to improve the physical and mental health of our community and we applaud their service to Bermuda."

Sionna Barton, Marketing and Development Manager, Bermuda Heart Foundation, says: "Argus has been a loyal supporter of Bermuda Heart Foundation for many years and we are grateful for this donation. Argus' Cup Match Pre-Game Face Off was a big success from our perspective in that it got people moving! Activities included jump roping, jumping jacks, pushups, which are all great heart-health activities. We are advocates for exercise and living a healthy, active life and we're able to go out in the community and run our programmes in part due to the generous support from Argus."

Jodi Lewis, Board Director, Bermuda Mental Health Foundation, says: "I would like to thank Argus for its continued support of Bermuda Mental Health Foundation. Argus knows that wellness goes beyond physical health and includes mental wellbeing. With their help, we are able to continue the work we do in the community to ensure that those who need resources have access to the housing and the assistance that they need."

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The Argus Cup Match Pre-Game Face Off is part of Thrive., the company’s initiative to create a healthier Bermuda. For more information on Thrive., visit