110 Reasons to Celebrate

Starting this Bermuda Day, Argus is the lead sponsor of the 110th Bermuda Half Marathon Derby. And we’re beyond thrilled to be a part of this event, especially on the Derby’s 110th anniversary.

  1. Celebrating the beautiful weather
  2. Celebrating our Bermudian Culture and Community
  3. How friendly everyone is
  4. Drinking lemonade and watching the runners on the home stretch
  5. The view along the South Shore
  6. Beating my personal goals at the Derby
  7. Running in the Derby!
  8. Saving a spot to cheer at the Derby
  9. Making signs the night before the derby
  10. Rounding the corner at the Birdcage
  11. Seeing the children ride their bikes
  12. Watching the race from my boat
  13. Competition between competitors
  14. Reaching the 110th anniversary of the Derby
  15. Watching the race from my living room
  16. Looking awesome in my trainers
  17. Improving my fitness level
  18. Not getting hurt
  19. Spending time with family and friends
  20. Family traditions
  21. Cheering on the runners
  22. Seeing who comes first
  23. Personal accomplishments
  24. Watching Mr. Darrell come through front street with his huge smile
  25. Running across Somerset Bridge
  26. Rowdy crowd at Flatt’s Village!
  27. Seeing all the children having fun dancing

  28. Seeing Bermudians come together as one big family
  29. Feeling the breeze on the causeway from the ocean
  30. Seeing a sign with my name on it
  31. Supporting my co-worker
  32. Getting my favorite spot from last year to see the runners
  33. Receiving water from all the of the water stops
  34. Eating a nice cold slice of orange
  35. Getting a massage after the race
  36. Completing the race in record time

  37. Helping out a participant who is struggling
  38. Setting up our pop-up tent and chairs
  39. Eating fish cakes while waiting for the runners
  40. Seeing the different relay teams
  41. Being a TV star for a moment
  42. Running along the beautiful Bermudian roads
  43. Reaching Bernard’s Park
  44. Seeing my friends finish after me
  45. Receiving a special drink from my buddy at Fort Hill Road
  46. Seeing my children’s smiles when I finish the race
  47. Competing with my friends
  48. Beating my friend’s time
  49. Finishing the race earlier than last years’ time
  50. Watching the race from my porch
  51. Running for my cousin who passed
  52. Running for the first time and making new friends
  53. The kickoff to summer
  54. Getting a medal
  55. Supporting from the sidelines

  56. Seeing the creative costumes/outfits
  57. Passing the baton to my friend
  58. Feeling light rain drops coming over Queen Street
  59. Running in the Derby for the first time!
  60. Seeing the skaters come through Cedar Avenue
  61. The Bermuda Half Marathon Derby Committee who work tirelessly to coordinate the event
  62. The Water Station volunteers
  63. St. John’s Ambulance
  64. Corporation of Hamilton
  65. Bermuda Youth & Sport
  66. Running across the causeway
  67. Cedar Avenue spectators — the best!
  68. Running the quiet stretch along the causeway
  69. Making it over painful Crawl Hill
  70. Trailblazers: Merernette Bean, Cal Bean, Debbie Butterfield, and Raymond Swan
  71. Introduction of the relay — I can actually be a part of the event!
  72. Lots of Derby prizes!
  73. Eating Robin’s potato salad early in the morning watching Renee run
  74. The almost $110,000 the Derby has donated to charities
  75. The introduction of the St. George’s route
  76. The Siblings Trophy as a tribute to runners Neil and Neville Virgil
  77. Watching Angela and her girls give out peanuts right before the Derby
  78. Seeing Craig running through the finish line with this daughter, Abby
  79. Seeing people of different cultures celebrating Bermuda
  80. Being part of a relay team
  81. Being surrounded by people with a passion for running
  82. Reuniting with old friends

  83. Being part of a community
  84. Finishing the race!
  85. Completing the race without walking
  86. Getting my body in shape for summer
  87. Showing pride for my country
  88. Soaking in the hot tub after the marathon
  89. Feeling like I’ve earned a cheat meal after my run
  90. Proving to myself that I can do it
  91. Nine time champion, Kavin Smith
  92. The introduction of chip timing for runners
  93. Pre-race live TV commentary
  94. 700-800 runners compete yearly
  95. Formal designation of the Derby as a half marathon
  96. The Horton family at Somerset water stop  
  97. Completing the race without crying

The Awesome Sponsors

  1. Burrows & Lightbourn
  2. Appleby
  3. BGA
  4. Rubis/Rayclan
  5. Travel Edge
  6. Beyond Fitness
  7. Skyport
  8. Fairmont Southampton
  9. People’s Pharmacy
  10. Smiler’s Tuning Repair
  11. The Reef’s Club
  12. Sportseller
  13. Argus… it’s our absolute pleasure


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