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The Argus Group Reports Earnings of $12.0 Million

(Hamilton, Bermuda, July 17, 2017) – Argus Group Holdings Limited (the “Gro…

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For Members: 2017 Health Renewal FAQs

Every year, Argus reviews its current health policies and makes revisions needed to keep up

6 Guidelines for Your Saving Philosophy

Saving for the future is easier than you may think. However, many still struggle with the …

Separating Fact from Fiction

Planning for retirement is not the time for guessing games. One may make important decisio…

Driving habits that are bad for your car

It’s the small pleasures in life: with your windows rolled down and Bermuda’s beautiful be…

Selecting the Argus Investment Savings Option that is right for you

With life expectancy increasing, you could live for approximately 20 years or more after you turn 65. As a rule of thumb, we estimate that you will need 70% of your working income in retirement and a lump sum of 15 times your annual income in order to sustain your present standard of living. For this reason, it is important to invest as much as you can and as early as possible to secure your financial well being in retirement. Preparing for your future means staying on top of your finances and u…

Millennials’ finances can be saved through saving

Millennials are a generation so different from any generation before them, they are hard to pin down.

And if you were born between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s, you are one of them.

Fortunately, as a generation, you understand the importance of saving money better than generations before. And you have the opportunity to get your finances in order to live a comfortable life. Here is how:

Monthly Money

Get a handle on monthly expenses. Understand not only what bills you have every month a…

9 Basic Car Care & Maintenance Suggestions

Car maintenance is far more than keeping your car looking good on the road it’s about keeping you, other road users and pedestrians safe. Like any machine, taking care of its parts will help to ensure that it runs properly. Since the maintenance of a car can be confusing, we’ve put together this list to help you keep your car in tip top shape and to increase its life cycle. Here are nine things you can check regularly:

1. The oil
An oil leak can lead to much bigger and more costly problems, so …

An Easy Guide to Heart-Healthy Foods

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in Bermuda. In some cases, lifestyle changes can go a long way to protect your heart. For starters you can help to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in check by improving your diet. Though no easy task, by separating foods into categories of what to increase and decrease in your diet, eating nutritiously might be easier than you think.

Foods to increase

Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamin C, which may protect against cardiovascular dis…

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